440-A 4 oz. Gasgacinch440-A

Light Usage. The 4 ounce can offers the best option for light usage and do-it-yourself automotive enthusiasts. Whilemost adhesive needs vary for many different gasket applications, this size will handle nearly all gasket needs including small thermostat gaskets, water pump gaskets, and larger oil pan gaskets.

440-B 8 oz. Gasgacinch440-B

Medium Usage. The 8 ounce can offers the best for medium usage for professional mechanics and automotive enthusiasts. This size will supply enough adhesive to handle everything from a complete small engine rebuild to typical day-to-day auto technician needs.

440-C 16 oz. Gasgacinch440-C

Industrial Usage. Our super-size, 16 ounce is the best choice for high-volume repair shops, engine builders, and hard-core enthusiasts for long-lasting use before seeing the bottom of the can. This size also comes with a larger dobber to spread liberal amounts of adhesive to the gasket for maximum leakage protection.
There’s nothing else that compares with the performance of Gasgacinch.  It lasts longer and prevents leaks that others cant.
Sam Maxwell, Fullerton, CA